Millennium Gold Rush – A 24K Gold Leaf Treatment


Now you can enjoy the benefits of pure gold in our 24 karat gold enriched luxurious home spa treatment, the Millennium Gold Rush.

The Pulse of Beauty:

Our innovative approach to this lasting beauty regimen is by using sonic pulse technology – included in our jar. What this means for your skin is that instead of months of spa treatments, you can achieve state of the art ultrasonic facial results from the comfort of your home. The device was designed to help relax and beautify your skin by increasing blood circulation using 8,800 pulses per minute. The sonic pulses push key nutrients from enriched pure 24K Gold Leaf deeper into your skin, delivering better and faster results than what you can achieve with your fingers or brush. Pores are open, skin is rejuvenated and relaxed, and infused with gold for the ultimate glow.

You take great care of your skin, but sometimes, despite your best efforts, skin can look dull, splotchy, or uneven. Our Star Brightening Sheet Mask channels the brightening power of White Mulberry Bark Extract to help diminish the appearance of blemishes; while Green Tea Leaf Extract can reenergize sluggish skin for a rejuvenated look.

Plant Stem Cells Culture Extract help soften the look of blemishes. In just 10 minutes, you can help your skin reduce the appearance of wrinkles and obtain a fresher, brighter, and more beautiful-looking skin. You’ll adore the way you look in the mirror!

  1. Millennium Gold Rush - 24K Gold Radiance Recharge Cream: Begin by securing hair back with the luxurious spa headband included in the kit.

    Millennium Gold Rush - 24K Gold Radiance Recharge Cream: Make sure skin is clean of any dirt, makeup or debris. Remove the cap of the jar, apply several generous dabs of the cream to forehead, cheeks and chin and massage into skin working in circular motion.

    A cocktail of active ingredients including Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A), Resveratrol and Plant Stem Cells take on visible skin damage and fade dark areas, soften the look of wrinkles and create a more even skin tone. Seaweed Extract, Organic Calendula and Vitamin E cushion skin and immediately soften and protect. Suspended throughout is Pure 24 karat gold which hydrates, nourishes and seems to refinish the look of skin.

  2. Pure Gold Leaf: Apply a leaf to each cheeks and one to the forehead, and use the extra sheet to cover additional areas like nose or chin by cutting it while covered by both protective wax papers. Use extra care in avoiding skin contact with the gold leaf and apply to skin directly from the protective cover in the booklet, avoiding eyebrows or directly near the eye area. Pat on gliding your fingertip along the back of the wax paper cover. Relax and allow the full benefits of the pure gold to penetrate for 20 minutes.
  3. 24K Gold Leaf Melter: This step is crucial, as this activating concentrate will help melt the gold into the skin. Use the dropper to apply the entire bottle all over your face. Use gentle circular motions to work the activator into skin keep blending until the gold leaf has completely melted. Remove vibrating tip from the cream jar, press the power button and apply to skin in circular motion for 3 minutes to rapidly penetrate the gold leaf deep into the dermis layers. Then use cotton pad to remove any leftover residue.
  4. Complete the treatment: Apply the 24K Gold Radiance Recharge Cream. Remove the top handle from the cap to reveal the sonic pulsating plate and press the button to turn on the vibrating function located on the bottom of the cap. Use the sonic pulsating plate to massage this shimmering cream in gentle circular motions for 2-3 minutes to penetrate the cream deeper into the dermis levels. The tiny vibrating fingers are safe for even the most sensitive skin and circulation is enhanced by both the movement and the pure gold ingredients. The deep vibrations also encourage blood circulation and reduces tightness for an improved skin rejuvenation.

    Skin will appear smoother, more even, plumper and the ultimate glow from deep within. You’ll notice a certain luster and glow that will only increase in the coming days. You’re golden and you know it!

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