Millennium Gold Rush - Pure 24K Gold Premium Gold Leaf

With the passage of time, skin cells suffer damage from aging and environmental elements. This extraordinary facial serum from Adore Organic Innovation helps improve the appearance of fine lines using CELLMAX ingredients.

Our Pure 24K Gold Premium Gold Leaves are available to purchase separately once you have completed all of your 24K Gold Leaves included in your Millennium Gold Rush - 24K Gold Leaf Treatment System.  

The New Gold Standard in Beauty: Nothing compares to the look of pure gold against bare skin. There’s a deep glow as it catches the light and enhances your natural beauty.

Since ancient times, the purest gold was used in skincare treatments in Japan, Rome and Egypt. It’s said that legendary beauty Cleopatra used a gold mask every night to enhance her perfect complexion.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of pure gold in our 24 karat gold enriched luxurious home spa treatment, the Millennium Gold Rush.

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