24K Techno-Dermis Eye Mask


 The Dermis, made up of 80% water, elastin fibers and collagen floating in a glycoprotein gel, is the tissue supporting the skin. In contrast with the epidermis, it is vascularized, enabling it to not only provide energy and nutrition to the epidermis but also to play a primordial role in thermoregulation and in healing. Throughout literature history, gold has been known to help. Ingredients such as Lavender helps soften the signs of aging so the skin can feel renewed, while collagen helps provide a smoother looking texture and shea butter hydrates the skin. 

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    How To Use

    This Eye Mask will revitalize your skin with a boost of age-defying ingredients to help you look and feel your most radiant.

    How To Use

    1. Wash your face thoroughly prior to application of the Eye Mask. 
    2. Take the masks out of the packaging, apply below eyes. 
    3. Leave on for at least 15 minutes. 
    4. Use once every 4 weeks.
    5. Follow with Adore Golden Touch 24k Glowing Factor Serum.