Adore Cosmetics - NEWMEN Shaving Cream
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Adore Cosmetics - NEWMEN Shaving Cream

Each time you shave, a thin layer of skin is removed from your face along with your beard. This removal depletes the natural resilience and moisture of your skin. Our emollient-rich balm is ideal for sensitive skin.
Treat your skin to the most hygienic, rejuvenating shave possible with Adore NEWMEN Shaving Cream. Its rich, warm lather softens and lifts your beard for an extremely close and comfortable shave. Our distinctive formula features our exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula, which works to restore youthful appearance by protecting your skin’s own stem cells and encouraging them to regenerate healthy texture.

This remarkable age-defying formula is infused with active vitamins and botanicals that further stimulate your skin’s ability to renew itself. Additionally, the Shaving Cream delivers Allantoin to your skin, a protective molecule derived from the Comfrey plant that soothes your skin and prevents redness. We also include the anti-inflammatory benefits of Wild Chamomile Leaf Extract (Chamomilla Recutita) to ensure that your face feels smooth and calm instead of irritated after shaving.
Wet face with hot water in order to open pores and facilitate a smooth shave. Lather Shaving Cream on all areas to be shaved using a circular motion that ends in an upward stroke. The upward stroke helps to raise your beard for a close shave. Once lathered, shave as desired.
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