Adore Absolute Instant Firming Kit

There was a day when you adored your skin. But with environmental stress and the passage of time, skin gets damaged, losing its elasticity and ability to retain moisture.
There was a day when you adored your skin. But with environmental stress and the passage of time, skin gets damaged, losing its elasticity and ability to retain moisture. By applying our Adore Absolute Instant Face Lift Kit, though, you can see time turn back as you look at your own reflection in the mirror.

The science of this magic begins with a secret of nature, locked in the cells of organic fruits that have an amazing ability to withstand the elements. By harnessing the power of these plant stem cells, we bring anti-aging effects to your own skin cells, increasing your skin’s regenerative powers.

Within seconds of applying, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles disappear, courtesy of the innovative Plant Stem Cell Formula containing organic fruit stem cells in a base that includes Pullulan to provide an immediate tightening effect. Algae Extract nourishes skin and protects from harmful anti-oxidants, and other nurturing ingredients including vitamins. The instantaneous and most dramatic effects of this product last as long as eight hours, but daily application as a base improves and protects your skin noticeably over time.

For the times that you are not using our Absolute Instant Face Lift, we have included our remarkable Absolute Lift Firming Serum to continue the work of lifting and firming the appearance of aging skin. Treat your complexion to this high-potency serum, that helps restore a youthful look. The key is our exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula, which encourages your skin to renew its texture. Jojoba Oil moisturizes skin while Vitamin E fights to help protect against anti-oxidants that cause premature skin aging. All ingredients are then combined to deeply hydrate by binding moisture to dry skin. This gentle yet effective serum reveals a more youthful surface that welcomes make up or moisturizing cream.
For best results, follow these application tips:
Step 1. Absolute Instant Face Lift
  1. Make sure skin is completely clear of all makeup and free of any moisturizer or natural skin oils. 
  2. Gently roll the syringe between your hands to ensure that ingredients are blended properly. 
  3. Pump about a dime-sized amount into your palm or the top of your hand. 
  4. Using your ring finger for the lightest application possible, tap product into areas of greatest concern on both face and neck and continue to lightly smooth product into your skin.
  5. Relax. Try to keep your face as expressionless as possible for three minutes. Please note that you may experience what feels like a tightening sensation in the moments following application- this is completely normal and a sign that the product is working. 
  6. After product has completely dried feel free to continue with your normal make-up routine. 
  7. Wash off product after use with fresh water and apply Adore Absolute Lift Firming Serum onto cleansed skin. 
Step 2. Adore Absolute Lift Firming Serum
Application tips: To seal in the full benefits of the Absolute Instant Face Lift after removing it, gently apply the Absolute Lift Firming Serum to entire face using a soft circular motion. You may follow with your favorite moisturizer from the Adore Cosmetics collection.
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