Adore Cosmetics - Spirit - Calming Body Peeling Scrub
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Adore Cosmetics - Spirit - Calming Body Peeling Scrub

This body scrub is now the Nature - Phenomenon Body Peeling Scrub.

Body scrubs are designed to exfoliate, but this Body Peeling Scrub helps soften the look of fine lines. The key is Adore Organic Innovation’s exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula, designed to protect and restore your skin’s youthful look.

This unique formula is blended with Sweet Almond Oil, prized for its similarity to the youthful oil produced by the skin of babies. It also contains vitamin-rich Wheat Germ Oil to make your skin feel rejuvenated and appear younger-looking.

Calming properties come from Chamomile, known to help bring balance while soothing and quieting your skin and relaxing your mood.

  1. Apply liberal amounts to wet or dry skin and massage in circular motions, using gentle pressure to remove dead skin.
  2. Leave scrub on skin for a few minutes to allow active ingredients to work.
  3. Bathe or shower to remove scrub.
  4. After drying, apply Spirit - Calming Body Butter.
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