OXYGEN BOOSTER Microdermabrasion Nourishing Cream


The Oxygen Booster Microdermasion Nourishing Cream from Adore works with the Microdermasion Peeling Treatment (Step 1) and the Microdermasion Activator Serum (Step 2) to bring your skin a fresh dose of oxygen, resulting in a renewed glow and youthful complexion.

The key is our exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula, which works to restore youthful appearance by protecting your skin's own stem cells and promoting reemergence of fresh, young skin. This formula is balanced with glycerin, which signals cells to go through their normal stages of growth to promote healthy regeneration, rapidly improves skin elasticity and brings needed moisture to dry areas.

This regenerative formula is balanced with skin-soothing Orange Oil, which actively helps to reduce inflammation, improve skin tone and texture and combat bacteria to maintain a healthy complexion.

Oxygen is essential to life and to beauty. Your skin's capillary system requires oxygen in order to sustain its youthful tone. Over time, this delicate system gradually loses its ability to take in oxygen. This leads to overgrowth of connective tissues that cause skin to thicken and wrinkle.

With this fresh dose of oxygen, your skin's glowing appearance is renewed and young cells emerge to offer you a youthful, glowing new complexion.

Shipping & Delivery

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How To Use
Use circular motions to smooth the Nourishing Cream into your facial skin. Apply morning and night. Use after treating skin with Adore Oxygen Booster Microdermabrasion Peeling Treatment and Adore Oxygen Booster Microdermabrasion Activator. To see continual improvement, use the 3-step Oxygen complete treatment 2-3 times a week. Nourishing Cream may also be used by itself for morning and before-bed applications.