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Vitamin C - Targeted Age Correcting Serum


Brighten your skin and protect it from the signs of aging with the Adore Vitamin C - Targeted Age Correcting Serum.

As skin matures, dark spots caused by excess melanin due to UV damage begin to form. Studies show Vitamin C is the most effective skin lightener available because of its ability to dramatically correct excess melanin production, resulting in fresh and even skin.

The Targeted Age Correcting Serum gives your skin the most potent and penetrating Vitamin C treatment available. Instead of degrading before penetrating the deep layers of your skin, this cutting-edge new fat-soluble synthesis of Vitamin C, known as Ascorbyl Palmitate, goes deep into facial skin cells to lighten, brighten, and correct skin tone.

We pair Ascorbyl Palmitate with Nikkol VC, a form of Vitamin C which works to neutralize free radicals, shield skin's DNA from the damage that leads to wrinkling, and synergize with nourishing Vitamin E to re-energize skin cells' natural ability to produce firming collagen.

To this powerful brightening serum, we add our Plant Stem Cell formula, which supports the regenerative ability of your skin's own stem cells and helps erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within minutes of application.

You'll see new brightness and increased clarity, along with rejuvenated and revived texture for a younger, more vital-looking complexion.

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How To Use
Glide a thin layer of Adore Vitamin C Targeted Age Correcting Serum over face morning and night.