Lady Gaga's Make-up Artist "in Love" with Adore Cosmetics

Lady Gaga's Make-up Artist

The legendary Lady Gaga's award-winning make-up artist Sarah Tanno received product samples from Adore Cosmetics and fell "in love" with everything we sent her.

She even shared multiple photos of the products on social media and shared a story on her Instagram with her 101K followers.

"I receive products almost every day and have tried and am in love with everything you sent. Super impressed!" Tanno exclaimed.

We love you too, Sarah!

Tanno is known for her innovative and extraordinary makeup work on firey celebrities and artists, from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry and Steve O.

She is the recipient of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Makeup - Limited Series, Movie Or A Special (Non-Prosthetic) Award. Read more about her work on her website here.

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