HauteLook Features Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask


HauteLook Features Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask

The Adore Cosmetics Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask was featured in Hautelook last week. The article featured premium beauty products, and we are very grateful to be mentioned!

Celebs like Melissa Joan Hart, Chelsea Handler, Olivia Culpo, and Maria Menounos are loving Adore Cosmetics.

Here's what Paige Herman-Axel of HauteLook has to say about our gold mask

"Packed with anti-aging apple stem cells, lavender to stimulate skin renewal and 24-karat gold, these monthly masks may be worth more than their weight in, well, you know. But the gold isn’t just there for glitz and glamour, this precious metal has been found to have good-for-your-skin benefits such as delivering oxygen to the cells, protecting collagen and elastin, minimizing pigment production and boosting the effects of other ingredients in addition to calming and soothing properties."

The 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask is made up of 80% water, elastin fibers and collagen floating in a glycoprotein gel. This is so that the mask can support the dermis layer of your skin better. 

Pure 24K gold calms and equalizes the most delicate part of your skin. It escorts oxygen molecules to the cellular level for deep renewal, and slows down melanin secretion to diminish age spots and skin discoloration. 

Lavender is also infused into the treatment, to promote relaxation and help the skin renew itself quickly, and getting closer to a more radiant you!

Find out more about the Golden Touch 24K Techno-Dermis Facial Mask here.


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