Adore Cosmetics Launches Special Offers Site

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Adore Cosmetics Launches Special Offers Site

Adore Cosmetics - a leading purveyor of luxe skin care and beauty products - has announced the launch of a new giveaways and special offers site:

“With 50+ boutiques around the world, most customers get to know Adore products through one of our aestheticians giving them what amounts to a spa treatment in the store,” explains Shay Segev, president and CEO of Adore Cosmetics.

“We can’t give them the same experience online, but with periodic giveaways of our top-rated products, we’d like to approximate the store experience to an extent by allowing customers to try out exclusive products for themselves.” will feature periodic giveaways of different products. Interested customers just need to go to the site and enter their information for a chance to win a product. As with most giveaway promotions, supplies are limited, so only a set amount of customers will win the free product, depending on how quickly they register once the promotion starts.

“We also have included some special offers besides the giveaways,” says Segev.

These involve deep discounts on the company’s most popular products, all with an eye towards allowing customers to experience for themselves the remarkable effects of Adore Cosmetics’ exclusive plant stem cell technology when it comes to revitalizing skin to promote a radiant, healthy look. Most special discounts will run month to month, but depending on customer response, it’s likely that giveaways will happen weekly or biweekly.


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    I always wear the Adore Facial Hydrating Cream as a base for my foundation. I love the way it feels and I always receive compliments on my skin.

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