Erin Heatherton Says Adore Cosmetics Makes Her Glow: US Magazine

Erin Heatherton Says Adore Cosmetics Makes Her Glow: US Magazine

Erin Heatherton was interviewed by US Magazine and she told them Adore Cosmetics makes her glow! Check out the article "Beauty Crush: Erin Heatherton Shares Her No-Makeup Glowing Skin Secrets!" at US Magazine here.

Here's an excerpt from the US Magazine interview:

Stylish: Speaking of Adore Cosmetics, what is it about being connected to the brand that makes sense for you?

Heatherton: I love the concept and message behind the brand’s Adore Yourself campaign. Plus, they use organic ingredients and I share the same holistic approach to beauty and skincare. My skin has truly never looked healthier since I started using the line.

The Golden Touch Magnetic Mask is my obsession — it’s INSANE! Using it the first time was probably more exciting than trying/wearing mascara for the first time — taking it off was more fun than I can even explain.

Adore Cosmetics loves you too, Erin!

The gorgeous Erin Heatherton has been the face of Adore since the fall of last year, and the news has since appeared in various publications, including:

Since then, the stunning model has raved about the effects of using Adore Cosmetics products with organic extracts on her skin. Her favorite items include, as noted above, the Golden Touch Magnetic Mask as well as the Adore Essence Facial Milk.

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