Maria Menounos Loves Playing with 24K Gold Masks by Adore Cosmetics


Maria Menounos Loves Playing with 24K Gold Masks by Adore Cosmetics

It is well-known that celebrities love to splurge and show off their highly priced luxury products for us all to see and vicariously enjoy! We're thrilled to see that Maria Menounos loves showing off her 24K Gold mask by Adore Cosmetics just because she genuinely adores it.

See Maria Menounos Playing With Her 24K Gold Mask by Adore Cosmetics:

The multi-talented host of “Conversations with Maria on SiriusXM radio has broadcasted herself using Adore Cosmetics products several times in the last few months. Her social media posts using our Golden Touch 24K Gold Magnetic Facial Mask have reached hundreds of thousands of her fans.

And now those fans of Menounos are becoming very familiar with Adore Cosmetics.

Our Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask is packed with ingredients rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These ingredients are blended with a unique combination of magnets, pure gold power, and plant stem cells. This is all formulated to bring you incomparable healthy-looking skin and renewed beauty.

What can you say when celebrities love using your products? The same thing we have been saying for years now: WE ADORE YOU!

Since Adore Cosmetics was first revealed to the public, countless celebrities and everyday people have trusted their skin and skincare routines to us. And being trusted with this responsibility is something that we take seriously. Our luxury skincare brand offers products for every skin type and skin concern you might have.

Go here to explore the luxury skincare products from Adore Cosmetics.

If you have tried and loved our luxury skincare products as much as our favorite celebrities have, be sure to write or film your own Adore Cosmetics reviews, post them to your favorite social media platform, and tag us!


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