Adore Cosmetics Launches Beauty and Skincare Blog

Adore Cosmetics Launches Beauty and Skincare Blog

Adore Cosmetics - a leading purveyor of skin care and beauty products - has announced the launch of a new skincare blog called Adore Cosmetics Insights.

“Working directly with top skincare researchers, we come across a lot of interesting data as we develop products,” says Shay Segev, president and CEO of Adore Cosmetics. “And since we know our customers are always looking to learn the latest about what will help them look their best, we decided to launch a blog to share some of what we’ve learned.”

Adore Cosmetics Insights harnesses a lot of this intelligence but presents it in a simple, easy-to-follow format so readers obtain actionable tips. Topics focus on two key areas: solving typical skincare problems—like fine lines, skin discoloration and dark circles—and also separating myth from reality when it comes to skincare ingredients like vitamin C, plant stem cells and gold particles, among others.

“We think that the more our customers know, the more informed their decisions will be and that’s something that’s important to encourage in the beauty and skincare industry,” says Segev.

Since the launch of Adore Cosmetics Insights, the company has seen its web traffic quickly spike by more than 57% as both its customers and general beauty consumers find it as they seek to discover the hottest developments in the skincare space while also learning about ways to nourish and care for their skin every day—particularly with the help of all-natural ingredients and organic extracts.

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