Guess Who’s Been Blessed by The Bless Box?

Bless Box with Adore Cosmetics

Adore Cosmetics’ Essence Facial Detoxifying Cleansing Cream  was recently included in the holiday special edition “Celebrate your Bless Box” by Bless Box and we're so honored!

For this release, the creators of the popular Bless Box partnered with the non-profit organization Direct Relief. Portions of every sale of this bless box were donated to this organization to help bring relief to the less fortunate and those in need, which we're extra excited about.

Their featured product, our Essence Facial Detoxifying Cleansing Cream, was developed by Adore Cosmetics to help skin harmed by the elements, damaging UV rays, and other toxins heal. This means that your skin will stay protected thanks to our cleansing cream’s unique formula and anti-aging technology.

The key to all these benefits is our exclusive organic stem cell formula, which works to restore that desired youthful appearance.  

Plant stem cells also protect your skin’s own stem cells thus encouraging them to renew skin texture. Our formula is combined with allantoin to deeply hydrate by binding moisture to dry and damaged skin.

Plus, our cleansing cream also contains an anti-bacterial agent that stays on your skin for prolonged times to fight microbial damage. And Chamomile, which soothes and calms your skin while restoring vitality to certain areas of your face.

At Adore Cosmetics, we are thrilled that our Essence Facial Detoxifying Cleansing Cream was chosen to be a part of such an important issue of Bless Box. Helping others is what drives us as a brand and we are delighted that our products helps contribute to such noble causes.

So be sure to check out Bless Box!

And to get your own Essence Facial Detoxifying Cleansing Cream, click here!

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