Olivia Culpo Name-drops Adore Cosmetics for Incredible Skin

Olivia Culpo Name-drops Adore Cosmetics for Incredible Skin

Gorgeous model and Instagram star Olivia Culpo always looks amazing - and when Glamour asked how she does it, Olivia said: Adore Cosmetics!

Based out of Los Angeles, Olivia is accustomed to dry climates and knows the importance of staying hydrated and treating your skin with "a good mask." She said she's "used everything from Adore Cosmetics." 

Earlier this year in February, Olivia talked with Hello Giggles and shared she really loves Adore's 24K Gold mask (our Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask that celebs love).

That same month, she also prepared for New York Fashion Week by wearing that same Adore Cosmetics Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask and shared her use and love of it with her 1.5 million followers via her Instagram stories.

This past spring, Olivia talked to InStyle about her love of another product from Adore: the Vitamin C Treatment Kit and how great it is for clear, smooth skin that looks "flawless" - no matter how much makeup you have to wear for your job!

You can read more about Olivia Culpo and her first encounter with Adore here.

We Adore you too, Olivia!

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