Adore Cosmetics Cellmax Kit

Adore Cosmetics Cellmax Kit

Recently, Heidi from the Inside Out Beauty blog tried out our Cellmax Kit, which combines our most powerful plant stem cell-based products for skin care to promote fresh, radiant skin.

Here are some highlights of what she had to say about the Cellmax Kit:
Allergies and Breakouts: This was my biggest fear due to my sensitive skin. Fortunately, I experienced no allergies, no redness and no breakouts.

My skin's overall elasticity has improved. So I suspect this kit does help slow down my skin's natural aging process. I believe this to be especially true because it has noticeably help me balance my skin's dryness.

My overall verdict? An Organic Queen's Pampering Treatment!

To read the full review of the Adore Cosmetics Cellmax Kit on Insideoutbeauty, go here:

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