Adore Cosmetics Expanding Rapidly around the Globe

Adore Cosmetics Expanding Rapidly around the Globe

Adore Cosmetics - a leading purveyor of skin care and beauty products, has announced it will open 5 more stores this quarter, continuing explosive double-digit growth that started in 2013 at worldwide levels.

“We’re both immensely pleased and grateful for this growth,” says Shay Segev, president and CEO of Adore Cosmetics. “We owe it to our customers, really. They spread the word about our products, and more and more franchisees have approached us to open stores featuring Adore products.”

The growth for Adore Cosmetics started spiking in 2013. At the time, the brand only had 3 stores and no marketing initiative in place. Yet as word got around and sales took off successfully, cosmetics franchisees took notice. “I think that what people responded to was our organic innovation approach,” explains Segev.

“Our products contain natural ingredients and organic extracts, and take advantage of leading-edge beauty technology involving plant stem cells, including our Cellmax Kit and Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask. So the natural approach and the way that people experienced on-the-spot results at stores seem to have made a difference.”

Three of Adore Cosmetics’ 5 new stores will be located in the U.S., and 2 will be overseas, specifically in the Caribbean and Germany. These stores will be adding to a roster of more than 70 stores across the U.S. and 20 international stores in Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada, among other countries.

Beyond store growth, Adore Cosmetics has also seen a surprising 73% uptick in its e-commerce sales in 2015 despite doing no online advertising.

“We didn’t expect this at all and actually thought we’d need to run a ton of ads to be able to sell our products online. But apparently the word of mouth, beauty blogger comments and Adore Cosmetics reviews from customers pushed up the numbers for Adore online sales,” says Segev.

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