Adore Cosmetics Opens New Store in Boston/Cambridge Area

Adore Cosmetics Opens New Store in Boston/Cambridge Area

Adore Cosmetics - a leading purveyor of luxe skin care and beauty products - has announced the opening of a new store to serve the Boston area. The new Adore Cosmetics store is located in the Galleria CambridgeSide Mall in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

With more than 120 stores, Galleria CambridgeSide Mall is one of the premier urban shopping centers in the Boston area and includes a range of well-known brands, including Armani Exchange, Forever 21 and Swarovski.

“We’re very excited to bring the Adore Cosmetics store concept to the Boston area,” says Shay Segev, president and CEO of Adore Cosmetics. “The Galleria CambridgeSide Mall offers an excellent opportunity to share the direct experience of using Adore Cosmetics products to a vibrant, growing area while its selection of stores aligns nicely with the upscale brand personality that characterizes our stores.”

The Boston store joins a rapidly growing roster of more than 70 Adore Cosmetics stores worldwide, including new locations in Panama. St. Martin, and Austria, as well as 10-15 Adore Cosmetics stores to be opened in Canada in the near future, starting with a store in Ottawa in August. In addition, the brand is looking at a range of other new locations in the United States and Europe.

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